Mobiil-gamepad töötleja juhtnuppu koorega juhul Sony PS Vita rasva / PSV 1000 L2 R2 Mängu Käivitada Grip Mängukonsool Tarvikud


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Mobiil-gamepad töötleja juhtnuppu koorega juhul Sony PS Vita rasva / PSV 1000 L2 R2 Mängu Käivitada Grip Mängu Konsooli, Tarvikuid #FS


* Disain teha sa mängid mänge PS Vita 1000 rohkem lihtsamaks.

* Pakub lihtne ja mugav viis kasutada oma PS VITA ' s L2 R2 nuppe (PS VITA ole komplektis)

* Kergesti klippe tagasi oma PS VITA jaoks lihtne paigaldamine, mis ei kahjusta teie süsteemi .

* Valmistatud kvaliteetsest materjalist, mitte-slip disain, mis annab teile mugavat käsi tunne.

* Värv: Must/ Valge (palun valida värv, mida sa tahad).

* Märkus: Juhul ainult PS Vita 1000 ei kuulu.

Komplekti kuulub:

1* Vallandada Käepidemed Käepide Omaniku puhul PSV 1000


1* 9H Karastatud film

  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Mudeli Number: Käepide Omaniku puhul PSV 1000
  • Ühilduva Mark/Mudel: Sony
  • SONY Mudel: PlayStation VITA
  • Brändi Nimi: YiYimerci
Jojo Le Stunteurdu67
The order came very quickly despite the virus, the product is in excellent condition without any damage. By the way, I think that through the pyaterochki try to quickly come orders. The cover sat perfectly, PS Vita came like a home. In the hands lies pretty nice, still did not try how it will be playable, but I think everything will be super. I recommend the product, now you can play even longer with such a device.
Sensational product, left the Vita more comfortable and addition of buttons L2 and R2 was perfect.
After I went through Vita, and decided to play games from PS1, it turned out, that the rear touch panel can simulate L2 and R2 buttons. As a result, I decided to order this case, so as not to bother. Unfortunately, when I examined, I found a small defect that might interfere in the future, but let's hope it's okay. Now the prefix in his hands sits well, and the chickens work for Hurray.
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